Keeping bedrooms fire safe is a smart way to get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Replace electric blankets more than 10 years old or with damaged cords, wires or temperature control.
  2. If you find warm electrical outlets or switches, shut off the circuit and call a professional electrician.
  3. Install a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm on ceilings or high on walls on every level of the house, and in every room used for sleeping.
  4. Anyone dependent on a walker or wheelchair should sleep on the ground floor.
  5. Don’t smoke or use an open flame near medical oxygen.
  6. If your child invites friends to spend the night, it’s important to review fire safety procedures and share this information with the parents.
  7. Only use extension cords approved by Underwriters Laboratories (
  8. Never use candles in bedrooms.
  9. Keep all lamps free of flammable materials.
  10. Don’t run electrical cords under rugs.
  11. Replace and repair loose or frayed electrical cords.
  12. Don’t allow permanent use of extension cords.
  13. Don’t staple or nail electrical cords.
  14. Never smoke in bed.
  15. Never leave heavy objects on the bed when an electric blanket is in use.
  16. Install a carbon monoxide alarm near bedrooms.

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